Be the calm in the storm.
Focus on what matters.
Unleash your wild and precious life.


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What's Included

⇒ Understanding the key principles of mindfulness and how it applies to your life.

⇒ Learning how the process of worry works and how you can free yourself from it’s power.

⇒ Audio practices that are scientifically proven to rewire your brain so that it becomes less susceptible to anxiety and stress.

⇒ Training on how to focus your attention on the present moment enabling you to enjoy life more.

⇒ Identifying unhelpful automatic behaviours and learning how to change the way we react.

⇒ Learning how to be more compassionate towards ourselves and others and feel gratitude.

⇒ Methods on how to reduce the build up of stress in our bodies and minds.

⇒ How to move our natural human bias away from fear and negative emotions and towards more positive feelings.

⇒ Understanding and observing our mind’s patterns, releasing us from it’s control.

What this course will do for you

⇒ Help you understand unhealthy patterns you have in your life so that you can break them.

⇒ Help you overcome fear, incessant thinking and overwhelming worry.

⇒ Show you the tools you have within yourself that, once learnt, you can use forever in moments of stress or difficulty.

⇒ Help you live fully and enjoy every moment.

Scientifically proven

The Mindful Reset is based on a scientifically proven method using mindfulness for creating powerful and long lasting change. By taking this course, you will learn methods to help cope with thoughts and feelings that are stopping you from being the most focused, happy and healthiest person you can be.

Mobile Lessons

Take your course with you everywhere you go! We provide you with both a mobile version and a computer version of every lesson. They come with a video and written part, designed to work on all mobile devices, tablets and computers. You’ll also get additional reading materials should you wish to further your learning.

Weekly Guided Meditations

Each week we provide you with different downloadable guided meditations to follow.

These meditations have been specially created using scientifically proven methods that create long lasting changes in your brain. They will make you become calmer, happier and more focused, not just for now but for life.

Would you like to experience

✓ Less anxiety

✓ Decreased stress

✓ Less worry

✓ Better relationships

✓ Happier mood

✓ Increased creativity

✓ Improved focus

✓ Increased sense of wellbeing

BONUS: Online Forum

It’s easier when we do things together! 

With this course, we want you to know you are not alone, so we provide you with a forum. This is where you can ask Jess, the teacher, any question as well as read other students’ questions and answers.

92% of students said they feel more able to deal with life’s ups and downs

95% of students said they feel calmer and have a quieter mind

90% of students said they now enjoy the simple joys of life more

The Teacher

I grew up in London where I achieved a successful career in marketing. I loved to work hard, I had a great social life and everything was going fantastically.

However, soon the constant business took it’s toll. I became worn out and anxious until one day I ended up having a panic attack on the train.

This was a terrifying wake up call.

Through a friend I discovered mindfulness. It completely saved me. I became calmer and more focused. The nagging anxiety and worried thoughts became a thing of the past.

The experience was so powerful that I decided to retrain as a psychologist and mindfulness therapist. I have since used mindfulness to help thousands of people in groups, on retreats and one to one to become the calm and happy people that we all deserve to be.

How much would you like to pay?

We want everyone to have the opportunity to do this course, regardless of their current financial situation, so we are offering a reduced price option.

You will receive exactly the same course, whatever you pay.



We’re sure you’ll enjoy this course. If for any reason you change your mind about it, you can cancel any time in the first two weeks and we’ll fully refund you, guaranteed.